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Corporate Packages

Polo is an excellent sport for team building. No previous experience is necessary to enable you and your colleagues to have a great day as we cater for all levels of ability and have the ponies to suit. Learning and playing the game of polo encourages team working and effective communication.

Full Day Course

10am to around 5pm

We start with a briefing about the day ahead over tea, coffee and biscuits. We then mount the ponies for a quick introduction to the riding style and control. You will be amazed at how well trained they are. Once you know how to move on the horse, we learn some basic shots and following a good practice of these new found talents, we have a penalty shoot out to hone your aim. Lunch will be a meal at the local or a buffet depending on whether you are outdoor or in the arena. After lunch we run through the rules of the game and consider tactics that players and teams can use. Jumping back on for the afternoon we continue to practice manoeuvring and positioning the pony, hitting the ball using various shots and getting to grips with tackling. We then divide you into teams and play slow paced games under instruction to bring together all that you have learned so far. We complete the experience by sorting everyone into evenly matched teams for a competitive game. Prices start from £125 per person.

Half Day Course

10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm

Similar format to the full day course but a little more intense and a little less time to put everything into practice. Still just as exciting! Prices start from £75 per person.